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What People Say About Amber's Workshops

"What sets Amber apart from other writing teachers is her willingness to show her own vulnerability.  She leaves her ego at the front door and makes the space where we meet -- be it in her living room or on retreat -- a safe place to express both positive and negative truths.  I find it so refreshing to spend time with someone who doesn't impose any "do it my way" expectations on the fragile ego of a writer.  As an editor, Amber can tighten up a piece of prose, or accentuate the creative images of a poem. What a gifted woman, with great values and integrity, to be privileged to know. "  

―Martha Clark Scala


I have been participating in Amber's writing groups for over five years. Her writing groups and weekend retreats are nurturing, supportive and fun. I am hooked on her groups. I participate regularly because it stretches my writing. Amber herself is a delight, she is a warm, loving woman who connects with each person in the group. There is plenty of heartfelt laughter in her groups, along with the much needed shedding of tears.

―Manuela Wehrmann


To be in one of Amber's writing groups is a life-savoring exploration of my various selves and life-times, past, present and to come.  Taking time to be with myself without other distractions has been such a gift.  And sharing my writing and hearing what others read is nearly always ah-some for me. We're moved to laughter and tears and everything in between.  We feel like the luckiest people in the world to have Amber coming up with ideas which trigger our responses as we plunge or tip-toe into our centers.

―Sarah Nelson Green


After the retreats I come back to my life with a little more opening in my heart, a little more calmness in my brain. I think of all the women the retreats touch and then the ripples from them that touch someone else. What a phenomenal thing we are creating together.   

―Bobbie Johnson


How lucky the writer who has Amber as an editor: creative, sharp, respectful of the work, she is a joy to work with. She has taught me and continues to teach the fine art of letting the extraneous go so the center, the core, can shine.

―Marilyn Robertson

Chief among Amber's gifts for nurturing and editing poetry is her integrity. Her insights are conveyed with honesty. To my mind, this is an ultimate honoring of both the creative process in general and the unique voice or style of each writer in particular. In my six years of participating in her workshops and retreats, I have never left discouraged but always fired-up and more inspired than ever.

―Kim Scheiblauer

Amber Sumrall's classes are conducted in such a safe manner that one feels a sense of the sacred.  All work is treated with TLC; the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to be productive is enormous. She guides each group with a tender hand and sprinkles the sessions with gems of writing wisdom for us to chew on, never more than one can easily digest.  Her guidance is a blessing for anyone who wants to improve her/his writing skills.

―Kathleen Miller Thomas


"I want to thank you for organizing the retreat. I can't tell you how wonderful it was for my mind, heart, and soul. I feel renewed and centered
again. You have a real gift for leading a workshop, for shepherding a are able to set a tone, but then you welcome everyone to be who they are, to change the tone, to bring it back again or not. You created a
space for us that was both very intimate and vast - and wholly
nonjudgmental. What a rare experience. Thank you.

―Lorraine Sachiko


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