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Publications by Amber Coverdale Sumrall

Author of Refuge,
Many Names Press, 2007.

Author of Litany of Wings: Selected Poems,
Many Names Press, 1998.

Co-Editor, Storming Heaven’s Gate: Spiritual Writings by Women, Plume/Penguin, 1997.

Co-Editor, In Celebration of the Muse: 15th Anniversary Anthology,
Quarry West, 1997.

Co-Editor, Bless Me Father: Stories of Catholic Childhood,
Plume/Penguin, 1994.

Co-Editor, Catholic Girls,
Plume/Penguin, 1992.

Editor, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Stories by Women,
Crossing Press, 1994.

Editor, Love’s Shadow: Stories by Women,
Crossing Press, 1993.

Co-Editor, The Time of Our Lives: Women Write on Sex after 40,
Crossing Press, 1993.

Editor, Lovers: Stories by Women,
Crossing Press, 1992.

Editor, Write to the Heart:Wit & Wisdom of Women Writers,
Crossing Press, 1992.

Co-Editor, Sexual Harassment: Women Speak Out,
Crossing Press, 1992.

Co-Editor, Women of the 14th Moon: Writings on Menopause,
Crossing Press, 1991.

Co-Editor, Touching Fire: Erotic Writings by Women,
Carroll & Graf, 1989.

Co-Editor, In Celebration of the Muse:Writings by Santa Cruz Women,
M Press, 1987.


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